RASA Studios


The Noxsquad Gameshow

The Noxsquad Gameshow is a project created by RASA Studios, a subset of the Noxsquad, which in turn is a community of people built around the projects of the Noxcrew. Specifically, the project is a fan-made version of the Noxcrew Gameshow.

RASA Studios Charity

RASA Studios Charity is our set of livestream events raising money for charities. Normally, we play all sorts of games for 24 hours while trying not to fall alseep - and so far, it's worked out quite well!

Minecraft Gameshow Awards

In 2017 we partnered up with Mezimo from Gameshow Central to help him produce his Minecraft Gameshow Awards show. We work on everything ranging from Minecraft building to full-fledged production. We provided him with a huge theatre build, logos and livestream assets. Check out the full stream here!

Coming Soon...

Our team is always working on new ideas and creations so be sure to come back here soon!